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Shoosty — Overview

Building the Shoosty Brand One Project at a Time, Consistently over 50 Years.

Wear the Art / Be the Movement!

Jay Shooster with Nana showing happy hands
Dorothy Shooster (98) with her grandson Jay Shooster at the Deerfield Beach Historical Center Workshop on the comparison of Piet Mondrian and Shoosty

Wear the Art / Be the Movement!


It all starts here, Stephen Shooster, shows you how he is building a brand one smile at a time.

Freedom is Encouraged.

You can make a lot of art over a lifetime. Documenting it preserves its place in a timeline. Documenting all of it is called a Catalogue Raisonné. I completed my catalog in 2023. It is three volumes over 1,500 pages, and a monumental accomplishment.

The main branches of the Shoosty Brand include: Shooster Publishing, the holding company; Shoosty Fine Art, the portfolio and galleries; Shoosty Bugs, Luxury Goods and Stores; Shoosty Art Licensing, Licensed products.

My portfolio repeats themes over an extended period, including The Art of Music, frentic sketches and paintings; Shoosty Landscapes that currently have evolved in Vector Paintings; Shoosty Bugs, an exquisite collection of fanciful bugs merged with the patterns of history; Conceptual Art, where imagination meets illustration; Naïve art, the study of ancient traditions, add oddities that catch my attention. I try to keep stylistic channels open by maintaining a wide perspective augmented with travel and study.

These pages will introduce you to my work and offer virtual hyperjumps to additional pages and websites that drive each element of the brand.

What is Shoosty®

Shoosty® was trademarked in December of 2020. Its purpose is to provide online art exhibitions and publish e-books. It also outlines the following goods and services: Art Etchings; Art Pictures; Art Pictures on Canvas; Art Prints on Canvas; Original Art Pictures on Canvas; and Printed Books in the field of Art; Caps and Visors; Dresses; Jackets; Kimonos; Leggings; Pants; Shorts; Skirts and Dresses; Sweatshirts; T-Shirts: Graphic T-shirts; and Skull caps.

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