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Hi, I’m Stephen Shooster, a Fine Artist based near The University of Florida in Gainesville. I would like to invite you to explore a snapshot of my diverse design portfolio and teleport to the studios.

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Stephen Shooster doing a live concert painting

“World Peace begins one painting at a time.”

The Brand

Building the Shoosty Brand One Project at a Time, Consistently over 50 Years.

You can make a lot of art over a lifetime. Documenting it preserves its place in a timeline. Documenting all of it is called a Catalogue Raisonné. I completed my catalog in 2023. It is three volumes over 1,500 pages, a monumental accomplishment. 

The main branches of the Shoosty Brand include: Shooster Publishing, the Intellectual Property holding company; Shoosty Fine Art, the portfolio and galleries; Shoosty Bugs, Luxury Goods and Stores; Shoosty Art Licensing, Licensed products. 


Stephen Shooster, a graduate of the University of Florida, BFA, in 1982, initially worked alongside his father for over three decades. During this period, he transitioned into the role of a Computer Telephony Engineer specializing in Call Centers.  

When asked about the dichotomy between left-brain (analytical) and right-brain (creative) thinking, Shooster dismisses it, asserting that engineering itself is an art form. According to him, any endeavor can be approached artfully, regardless of its nature. 

As the business flourished, Shooster’s entire family became part of the company. His father was the recipient of the Sun Sentinel Excalibur Businessman of the Year award in 2013. Seven months later he passed away.

 In 2019, the business was sold, freeing Shooster to pursue his passion as a full-time artist.

Alongside his artistic pursuits, Shooster authored a poignant survivor’s account of the Nazi Holocaust, titled “The Horse Adjutant.” He frequently engages in public discussions on this topic with the survivor. The central message he imparts is the profound significance of FREEDOM.

Dec. 2022- Jan. 2023, he had his first solo art show after a long hiatus at the Mills Gallery in Orlando. It was curated by his long term friend, Jennifer McGinnes Coolidge and gallerist Boris Garbe. Their confidence led to six more shows the same year, three of which were solo.

In this volume you will discover a few new terms some coined by the artist: 

Chromatic-Fusionism, Frentic Drawing, Vector Painting

Today, Shooster is the founder of Shooster Publishing, Shoosty Art Licensing, and Shoosty Bugs™, He is also a board member of the Florida Cultural Alliance.

Catalogue Raisonné

Shoosty™ 2022 – 2023 represents the comprehensive catalog of the artistic endeavors by Stephen Shooster, who operates under the trade name Shoosty™. Volume III constitutes a continuation of two prior volumes, collectively encompassing every artwork he has ever created thus far. This practice is referred to as a Catalogue Raisonné, a rare undertaking in the art world. Historically, such catalogs were meticulously crafted for only the most renowned artists, often by a collaborative effort involving art historians. Shooster says there are no rules for success as an artist, but we do have scientificy using it, we can draw a line marking milestones, and eventually, notation, and we will have momentum.

Chromatic Fusionism

Shooster coined this term in 2023 to create a fresh artistic lexicon that explains his work. Chromatic-Fusionism refers to a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, the scientific and the soulful.


This facet delves into the scientific realm of art. It encompasses the creation of pigments, materials, and the intricate chemistry behind visual expression. From the vibrant hues on canvas to the subtle interplay of light, Chromatic-Fusionism celebrates the technical foundation that underpins artistic creation.

It extends beyond the canvas to all aspects of the arts, such as the resonance of the electrified gear musicians use.


Here lies the heart of purpose. Fusionism intertwines the humanities with materiality.

It’s not merely about technique; it’s about intention—the purpose applied to each stroke, note, and texture.

Fusionism acknowledges that art transcends mere aesthetics—it carries meaning, emotion, and connection.

The Liberation of Auschwitz 79th year tribute.

The Liberation of Auschwitz, 79th Year tribute. Shooster/Schagrin 2024, Using AI, Leon Schagrin, age 97, a legally blind survivor of Auschwitz and the subject of Shooster’s book The Horse Adjutant, created this work together.

Frenetic Drawing

Shooster coined Frenetic Drawing a few years ago to explain his method of sketching musicians as they play.

Frenetic Drawing thrives on spontaneity and energy. It can’t be done in a quiet room. It is a form of speed drawing that embraces the moment’s immediacy. The heartbeat of frenetic drawing lies in its synergy with live music. When the band strikes its first chord, his pen starts dancing. The rhythm and emotion of the music establish the tone of the work.

Shooster draws as often as possible, especially when he is on a tour. You can find him frequently at museums or temples, drawing during the day or at a bar in the evening surrounded by live music. He frequently incorporates the daytime drawings into his night work. Other times, he may incorporate something he is studying. The point is that whatever is in his mind mixes with the music, and his hand captures the whole thing.

This method of sketching has rules, but they are not hard and fast. The first is the start-stop rule. The drawing begins when the band starts and stops when the band finishes. This temporal constraint fuels the frenzy. 

Second, he accepts mistakes as conceptual ideas. The imperfections become signatures of the experience. Frenetic drawing revels in serendipity. Each “mistake” contributes to the raw authenticity.

Third, conceptual exploration. Let whatever is in your mind mix with the drawing. Accept spontaneous ideas. Just let go, make marks and study them later.  

Drawing sharpens your mind and enhances focus. Your hand may move fast, but your mind will slow in contemplation. 

Shooster has years of experience doing this type of Drawing. He almost exclusively uses Pilot V7 precise needlepoint pens. He claims they are the fastest pens he has ever found. It is crucial to use tools that keep your pace moving.

The outcome? A visual symphony—an amalgamation of music, movement, and creativity. Frenetic drawing captures the pulse of live performance, translating sound waves into ink blots.

Armed with a pen and paper, my hand dances to the rhythm embraces the chaos, and each moment that echos the band’s melodies, as well as my artistic spirit, feeds my imagination. – Shooster

2023 Shoosty Example of Frenetic Drawing

2023 Example of Frenetic Drawing, Signed Shoosty, 12″x12″ ink on paper. Depicting the Yokohiro Isso Band

Vector Painting

Vector painting is an artistic technique where the digital artist creates images using volumes of vectors—mathematically defined points. Unlike traditional raster-based painting, which relies on pixels, vector painting allows for precise, scalable, and high-quality artwork. 

Vector artists construct shapes, lines, and curves using mathematical equations. These vectors are coordinates that define the position and direction of each element. Because they are based on math, vectors remain sharp and clear regardless of the image’s size or resolution. The computer handles the math. The artist uses elegant tools designed for visual thinkers.

One of the key advantages of vector painting is its scalability. Since vectors are resolution-independent, the artwork can be resized without losing quality. Whether you’re creating a small icon or a large billboard, vector-based images maintain their clarity.

Vector graphics produce clean, precise lines and shapes. It’s commonly used for logos, illustrations, technical drawings, and graphic design. The absence of pixelation ensures a professional finish.

The iPad Pro, equipped with powerful drawing tools and apps, provides an ideal platform for vector artists. Artists can create and manipulate vectors effortlessly with the freedom to work directly on the screen. A stylus pen enhances the creative process, allowing for a unified flow. It is an elegant drawing setup. Vector painting does not work well with a desktop computer and a mouse. You need a tablet and digital pen to achieve the relaxed freedom required to create hundreds of shapes that form a vector painting.

In summary, vector painting combines mathematical precision with artistic expression, resulting in visually striking and infinitely scalable professional artwork.

Matsumoto-jo Black Castle

Matsumoto-jo_Black Castle, Vector Painting by Stephen Shooster, Scalable Vector Graphics, Signed Shoosty based on Japan excursion 2023

My portfolio repeats themes over an extended period, including The Art of Music, frenetic sketches and paintings; Shoosty Landscapes that currently have evolved in Vector Paintings; Shoosty Bugs, an exquisite collection of fanciful bugs merged with the patterns of history; Conceptual Art, where imagination meets illustration; Naïve art, the study of ancient traditions, add oddities that catch my attention. I try to keep stylistic channels open by maintaining a wide perspective augmented with travel and study.

These pages will introduce you to my work and offer virtual hyperjumps (clicks) to additional pages and websites that drive each element of the brand.


Stephen Shooster at Wakayama High School, Japan 2023

The Power of Consistency

Making art daily is joyful and exhilarating, with focus and a touch of luck rich with epiphanies. Documenting the work creates a baseline for progress, where each page becomes a milestone and is viewed in its entirety as a time machine. In sports, scoring is the same term used in creating a piece of music. Photo – 63 days 90 new compositions,  Japan 2023,


2023 was a banner year with seven art shows, three of which were solo shows. The three solo shows had completely different themes: Shoosty Landscapes, The Art of Music, and Shoosty Bugs. In addition to the shows, we had numerous workshops, lectures, podcasts, and interviews. These led to a few magazine articles and lots of social media posts.

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Latest Happenings

Shoosty Bugs

The Liberation of Auschwitz 79th year tribute.


Recent Exhibitions

Show Coming May 2025

Shoosty Bugs

Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences

Gallery Show, Dec. 17, 2023

Baan Pit Talew Art Gallery

Pai, Thailand

Group Show, Sep. 16th, 2023

Fabric of Life

Leesburg Center for the Arts



Shoosty Bugs

“The first time I saw one of Stephen’s bugs as a watercolor painting, I encouraged him to take them as far as he could. That was over ten years ago. Today, Shoosty Bugs are becoming a sensation, and one day soon a worldwide sensation.”

Jennifer McGiness Coolidge, Curator

Jennifer McInnes Coolidge

Shoosty Bugs

“The most recent Art in Chambers exhibition was ”Bugs,” by artist Stephen Shooster, aka Shoosty. Large, beautiful scarves adorned the chambers’ walls. Mr. Shooster calls his technique Chromatic Fusion a blend of technology and humanity. The gently fluttering silk scarves were a backdrop to the various meetings held in City Chambers for several months. View the wonderful scarves and Mr. Shooster’s comments on the City of Sanford’s YouTube page. You will be swept away.”

Virginia Poe, Chair of City of Sanford Art Commission

Virginia Poe, Chair City of Sanford Art in Chambers

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