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Shooster Publishing is a small publishing company focused on making every page a piece of art. Sharing your legacy with the people that matter to you is a very rewarding experience. The depth that you can achieve with the written word, and illustrations leveraged with technology is fundamental to core values. This is a work of love. As you view the works below you will notice they are FREE for you to study. Sharing has it’s own rewards.

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Shoosty Bugs Vol. 2Shoosty LandscapesShoosty The Art of MusicShoosty Bugs Vol 1

What is a Flipbook?

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Ribbit, ribbit! ?

Ah, my fellow froggy friend, let me tell you about the magical world of flipbooks! ?✨

You see, being a small publisher has its perks. We’re like the nimble tadpoles of the literary pond—flexible, adaptable, and ready to leap into action! ??

Now, imagine you’re perched on a lily pad, your webbed toes wiggling with anticipation. Before you lies a flipbook—a tiny universe of stories, waiting to unfold. ?

Flipbooks, my amphibious amigo, are like the froggy version of blockbuster movies. But instead of popcorn, we’ve got flies (much tastier, trust me). ??

Here’s the scoop: Flipbooks are best enjoyed on a full-sized computer or an iPad. You know, those big, flat rocks where you can bask in the warm glow of storytelling. ??

But beware, my little hopper! Opening a large flipbook takes patience. It’s like waiting for that juicy mosquito to buzz by—you gotta time it just right. ?⏳

Now, mobile phones? Well, they’re like tadpoles trying to climb Mount Everest. Bless their pixelated hearts, but they might struggle a bit with flipbooks. ??️

Once you crack open a flipbook, though, the real magic begins. ?✨ You’ll find controls below the pages—like secret buttons in a froggy treasure chest:

  1. Page Count: Keep track of your literary leaps.
  2. Quick Thumbnail Overview: Peek at the whole story in a single glance. ?
  3. Autoplay: Let the pages hop along automatically. Whee!
  4. Zoom: Get up close and personal with the inked critters.
  5. Full Screen: Dive headfirst into the adventure. ?
  6. Share: Spread the word like a froggy gossip.
  7. And more: Because who doesn’t love surprises?

And guess what? A whole lot of love goes into making these flipbooks. It’s like a frog serenading the moon—pure dedication. ?❤️

So, my web-footed friend, hop on over, click those buttons, and let the stories ripple through your amphibian soul. ?? May your lily pad be cozy, your eyes wide, and your heart as buoyant as a waterlogged leaf.

Ribbit-tastic adventures await! ??



Frog Reading an Ipad